Well, we are back from a village far away which is located near the Belize border. It took a crazy 8 1/2 hours to get there on Friday....rough stuff with three kids, three adults, and bags in a 4runner!! But praise the Lord we made it with no problems and slept good the first night. Brandi, Nancy, and I had different lessons to teach throughout the two days there. We had two lessons in the morning and two in the afternoon and one at night. One of us would stay at the hotel with the kids while the other two would go to the church and teach. The weather was better this time of the year than when we went last time in the middle of the year. It got pretty cool at night and in the mornings but hot in the afternoons. But we made it home safely, and after I figured out how to tie a better knot, Levi stopped falling off the top of the car while going down the road. You know how kids think everything is fun or funny! Relax!!! Just joking!
There were between 25 to 30 youth and some adults during the seminar. We had a great time with them, playing games and doing dramas to keep things fun and interesting. They also took notes and answered us while we taught...more than we do as adults sometimes. The Lord's presence was there heavily during the worship and while ministering at the end of the services! I give thanks to our God for His spirit and that He takes control and speaks to the people during events like this. I know that without His words we are not able to accomplish anything. But because He cares so much for each of those kids and wants to know each one of them more intimately, He comes and ministers and loves on us when we open the door for him. God spoke directly to several of the youth in each situation that they were going through. Thank you praying and interceding for us and the youth in Peten! Now join me in giving thanks to God for pouring out His Spirit and answering our prayers! We are grateful to God for giving us the opportunity to share His light in that village and each of you for being a part of the seminar! God is good and so very faithful!!