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We are non-denominational missionaries working with pastors, churches, schools, and the local hospital in Chiquimula, Guatemala. We host training seminars for pastors, leaders, and youth from rural areas and we help supply the congregations with Biblical materials to minister to their communities. We are currently building a Ministry Center to host the events. We visit several public schools to share a Biblical story and play with the kids. We also pray in the local hospital and give out toys, toiletries, and Biblical materials. Ways to Be a Part of this Ministry: Come - We need pastors and leaders to come and teach these pastors and leaders here in Guatemala. Or you could bring a group to work in the churches or schools with construction or evangelism. Financially Support - If you would like to support this ministry, please visit our website at www.eyeswideopenministries.com to donate online or send your donation to: Killen UMC Mission P.O.Box 249 Killen, Alabama 35645 Make your checks payable to Killen UMC Missions and designate the check to Daniel McIntyre All donations are tax-deductible. Pray - Please pray we will follow God's leading in all we do.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What Were You Thinking Weirdo!!

Whats going on folks? Good to see each and every one of you again! Such beautiful faces. I have a little something that all y'all probably already know and learned, but I'm going to give it anyways! I was reading my Bible in 1 Sam. 11 and 12 about the first days when King Saul was ruling and Samuel's farewell speech. It talks about when the City of Jabesh was being attacked by the Ammonites. Jabesh sent out a plea for help to the other tribes of Israel. Saul was returning from the fields with his cows, and when he heard the news it says "the Spirit of God came upon him with power and he burned with anger." Then he cuts up his cows and sends the pieces to the other tribes of Israel and says this is what will happen to the cows of each man that doesn't come and help Jabesh with Saul. So they went and totally wiped the Ammonites out and "scattered them so that no two of them were left together." This is pretty cool and awesome to think about doing or leading. And then the next chapter talks about Samuel's farewell speech. Samuel gave the people a sign from God with a huge thunder storm and rain in the dry season. It says that the people "stood in awe of the Lord and of Samuel." Again, another really sweet and awesome thing to think about doing or seeing. So I thought...man that would be sweet if I could be apart of something like that, or have that power of prediction come over me. So I was watering our grass.....by the way, very very exciting!....and I was thinking and asking God about this thought and these things of wonder and power of God. I was wondering why I couldn't do that or why God hadn't used me to do that. Then He answered my question. He told me, Oh mighty magnificent Daniel man of God.....LOL! Pretty good huh. Nah, He said that those things happened so that GOD would be glorified! For HIS glory. HE used Saul to deliver HIS people b/c He received the glory and redeemed and protected His people. It had nothing to do with Saul. He just happened to be the guy in the right time period in God's hands at that moment. It was not for Saul but for God's people and for His renown! And the same thing with Samuel...It rained and stormed to show the power and awesomeness of GOD, not Samuel. So there again, God used Samuel to show His glory and power, not to exalt and glorify Samuel. So there I was thinking how awesome it would have been to be Saul or Samuel in that story rather than seeing the huge, mighty, awesome, all-powerful, and overwhelming God that did these things through his servants. I find myself at times focusing and thinking on how awesome it would be to do big and miraculous things and not thinking and making sure that what I desire and what I do is for His glory and His renown! and ONLY for this! So God told me to get over myself and see the bigger picture...HIM! Pretty sweet huh! God is HUGE and that fact that he talks to me and listens to me alone is awesome and incredible for me to experience and be apart of. SO now I'm trying to focus more on being a humble servant that is ready to be used for whatever level of work he asks and to please him in all things! Not just the big things.....that are only for His glory anyway! Has nothing to do with us! SO.....there you go!

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  1. Hey - we saw a picture of you the other day when you were little watering in our garden and Keith said, "Well, there you go, God was getting Daniel ready for Guatemala back then" :) I thought about that when you wrote you were watering the trees :) I'll have to try to find that picture again and post it. Love you and miss you!